Meet The Designers

We love our team! Our expert designers, fabricators and installers are all dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience during you glass or shelving project with Simple Spaces. Meet our founders and some of our team below:

Simple Spaces Team Member - Alicia


Joined 2013

I spend much of my time out of the office, meeting with clients either in their homes or different job sites. I really like the opportunity to be out around the city every other day. I’m also continuously meeting new people which I absolutely love! Getting to know them and making their dreams become reality is exhilarating for both myself and my customer!

Simple Spaces Team Member - JoAnne


Joined 2007

In the years I have been here, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different positions. What I love most about being a Design Consultant is meeting with customers and being able to make their dreams come true. I have received hugs from clients because they are so excited about their selections.

Simple Spaces Team Member - Julie


Joined 2012

I love the potential of designing any space but more so the master closet. This is where we can dream big! Creating a design that is functional and makes people happy, is truly exciting to me.

Simple Spaces Team Member - Laurie


Joined 2009

I love getting the opportunity to meet with so many different people on a daily basis and working with them to help them make their spaces both functional and beautiful and see their dreams become reality! As I person who loves organization nothing makes me happier than seeing a client's underutilized or disorganized space brought into its full potential

Simple Spaces Team Member - Terry


Joined 2007

I love having customers challenge me every day to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Functional, because every family has a need for good, well planned and executed storage spaces… and beautiful, because I believe everything a person interacts with on a daily basis should make them feel good.

The greatest compliment I receive is when many of those clients come back to me in the future or refer their friends.